Allen-Bradley PLCs and Rockwell Automation

Syntronix engineers have been programming Allen-Bradley PLCs since 1980 including the original 1774 PLC, PLC-2, PLC-3, PLC-5, SLC500, CompactLogix and ControlLogix.  We have programmed upgrades to ControlLogix from PLC-3, PLC-5, SLC500 and other platforms.
Syntronix has embraced Rockwell's PlantPAx which tightly integrates ControlLogix with the FactoryTalk View Operator Interface to save programming time, reduce startup, and allows the operator to make some control changes without the need for a PLC programmer.
Syntronix has been hired by Rockwell to provide custom ControlLogix Add-On Instructions (AOIs) and User-Defined Data Types (UDTs), along with custom FactoryTalk View Faceplates for their clients.  Syntronix has been working with Rockwell to implement these AOIs, UDTs and Faceplates on client applications.