About Us

"Syntronix believes the success of any business lies in service, reliability, quality, and value. It shows in our Engineers, in our programming and in our satisfied clients."

Syntronix was incorporated in 1988.  Our goal is to be the Premier St. Louis System Integrator for Factory Automation Programming. We focus on Allen-Bradley PLCs as well as Rockwell Automation, Wonderware and Intellution Operator Interfaces.  Since we began tracking in 1993, Syntronix has developed programs for 43 companies at 68 client sites, including 170 PLCs and 286 operator interface nodes.
Our experienced engineers have helped numerous companies like yours.  We can provide programs using our  proven standards or program with your standards.  You know your process; we know process programming.  When you put the two together, it is a winning combination.  You will be provided with a powerful program that is easy to use.  Our programs provide the user with not only data and information, but insight and understanding of what is happening in the process; allowing for more intelligent control of their systems and plant.
Syntronix is your Logical Choice for providing Reliable, Dependable, Proven Solutions.  Make us your standard for success.