Rockwell FactoryTalk Batch

Syntronix has been developing Batching Solutions for Factory Automation since we started in 1988.  When Syntronix developed our first Rockwell FactoryTalk Batch project we went to the experts for help.  Syntronix hired Rockwell Automation to teach us their best practices for FactoryTalk Batch; and to work with us as we developed this project.  The value of this Rockwell jump start is immeasurable.  Syntronix and Rockwell provided the PLC Phase programming as well as FTBatch Area Model (Equipment Editor) and Recipes.  This relationship has allowed Syntronix and Rockwell to work side by side on other FTBatch projects.
Our largest FactoryTalk Batch project has 366 phases controlling 80 units in two ControlLogix L7 series PLCs.  There are ten FactoryTalk View Thin Client Terminals.  The new system had to run in parallel with the Wonderware InTouch system it was replacing during the two year startup.  With an aggressive schedule, Rockwell's PlantPAx PLC Add-On Instructions along with FactoryTalk View Objects and Faceplates were used to cut development time.